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Gum Disease Therapy Protects More Than Just Your Smile

Closeup of healthy teeth and gumsGum disease is the single most prevalent disease in the U.S. It affects more people than Alzheimer’s, stroke, and cancer put together. In fact, studies have shown that as much as 80% of the population may struggle with some form of the condition, which is caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar around the teeth and gum line.

Symptoms of gum disease range from sensitive or bleeding gums to frequent bad breath and a receding gum line. It’s also the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. While the early signs of gum disease are easy to miss, including red, swollen, or puffy gums, it can eventually lead to serious systemic health problems. More and more research is showing that when a person has untreated gum disease, they are almost twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Gum disease has even been shown to make controlling diabetes more difficult and been linked to Alzheimer’s cases.

At our Chesapeake, VA dental office, we’re committed to offering quality care for gum disease. During a consultation appointment with one of our dentists, we’ll talk about your situation and recommend a specific treatment plan to help you control your symptoms and enjoy optimal oral health again. This may consist of a scaling and root planing (SRP) treatment in which our team uses an ultrasonic cleaner to break up and clear away plaque and bacteria from the gum line, the use of a soft tissue laser to painlessly remove infected tissue or topical antibiotic therapy to combat deeply hidden bacteria.

Your dentist may choose to use one or all of these treatments to manage your gum disease, and afterward, you’ll be advised to visit Estrada Dentistry more often for regular cleanings in order to avoid reinfection. In any case, you can trust our team to be the first line of defense for your smile should gum disease rears its ugly head. Be sure to contact us today if you believe you may be suffering from gum disease.