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What to Expect with Invisalign – Chesapeake, VA

Your Journey to a Straight Smile

Invisalign clear aligners

Are you ready for a beautiful straight smile using Invisalign in Chesapeake? That is great! Although you are excited to start the process, we know you have several questions about what you can expect during your treatment. We want you to feel confident in your decision by preparing you for the road ahead. We carefully explain each phase of your treatment and answer your questions to ensure you are making the right decision for your smile.

Consultation & Records Appointments

Your first step to a straight smile involves an initial consultation appointment to see if Invisalign is an option for you. Besides a visual examination, your dentist in Chesapeake also takes digital x-rays of your teeth and discusses your lifestyle habits to ensure the clear aligners fit your needs and expectations.

Afterward, you are scheduled for your records appointment. We take digital impressions and images of your teeth to map their movement through the Invisalign lab. This is necessary to create your aligners.

Aligner Manufacturing

The Invisalign lab uses the information we sent to design your series of custom-made aligners. After approving their mock-up, your aligners are manufactured and shipped to our office. This usually takes about 3 weeks.

Delivery Appointment

After our office has received your aligners, you return to pick up your first set. Before you leave, we may apply attachments to your teeth, which act as little buttons to hold the trays tightly on them to eliminate slipping. They are painless, invisible, and temporary, so there is no need to worry.

Enjoy Your Treatment

During your treatment, you must be committed to wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. You should only take them out when eating, drinking, or caring for your smile. Since the aligners are removable, you can still eat your favorite foods and oral hygiene is a breeze.

You wear each aligner in the series for about 1 week before switching to the next. It is normal to experience some soreness when switching to a new aligner. As you progress through the series, you will see your smile becoming straighter. The number of aligners you need varies depending on your individual treatment plan, but it takes most patients about 12 months to finish their series.

You will not need appointments for adjustments during your treatment because no wires are used to move your teeth, but you will need a checkup visit every few weeks.

Your New Smile

After you have finished your series, we remove the attachments from your teeth. You will need to wear a retainer for 22 hours per day to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous positions. In a few weeks, your teeth will re-stabilize, and you will only need to wear the retainer at night.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Dental appointment

If you are ready to enjoy the clear choice in orthodontics, it is time to see if Invisalign is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve a confident smile.